This demo reel shows some of my weapon, character and tech effects for Fall of Cybertron. For weapon effects I created all muzzle flashes, hit squibs, tracers, and reloading effects that Optimus Prime is using.




00:04 - Corrosive Slime Cannon 
I created the gooey yellow slime projectile, the steamy yellow smoke on the weapon, the muzzle flash, the impact fx on the A.I. characters, and the effects on the death sequence.

00:29 - Electro Bolter
I created the electric idle effects and the muzzle flash.

00:48 - Energon Harvester
I created the arcing electric bolt on the weapon which is always on. I also created the muzzle flash, the tracer, the hit squib and the impact on A.I. effects as well as their death effects.

01:04 - Gear Shredder
I created the electric effects on the weapon when it's charging.

For the following weapons, I created the muzzle flash, tracer, hit squib and reload effects.
01:12 - Assault Rifle 
01:20 - Nucleon Charge Rifle 
01:39 - Path Blaster / Optimus Prime's gun 
01:59 - Photon Burst Rifle
02:12 - Riot Cannon / Megatron's gun
02:21 - Subsonic Repeater
02:41 - Energon Recharger 
I created the blue pluses that comes off from the back of the player.

02:57 - Intercooler
I created the ability regen effect.

03:09 - Ultra Power Core
I created all the effects seen on the pole and the transparent red dome that highlights the intersection with geometry.